Help students cope with stress

The life of an adolescent can be a stressful one, with complex problems ranging from academic and social to financial and relational ("Teach students how to manage anger" by Mr Raymond Anthony Fernando; Nov 15).

Some are overwhelmed by this and buckle under pressure. A few may choose to vent their anger on others, causing physical hurt.

I suggest the Education Ministry partner with schools to roll out a campaign to teach students quick and practical tips on managing anger.

Students could be taught how to detect their anger, calm themselves and not fixate on issues. This could be done through art, reflection sessions and other forms of distraction.

Schools could also have student-teacher interaction sessions weekly, where students can pour out their woes to their trusted teachers.

Youngsters spend most of their time in school. Hence, schools play a pivotal role not only in educating them but also in helping to shape their character and guiding them to become happier and contributing members of society.

Justin Chua Jun Jie, 12,

Primary 6 pupil

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