Heartening that fewer young S'poreans will give up citizenship

That most young Singaporeans would not renounce their Singapore citizenship even after becoming permanent residents in another country is heart-warming news (Survey: Fewer young Singaporeans think of emigrating; Sept 29).

It is good to know that although they may be working or studying overseas, they would still maintain their links to Singapore.

This sense of belonging and ownership will go a long way when they return to Singapore after completing their business attachments or studies abroad.

It is also gratifying that more young Singaporeans know that foreign skilled workers have contributed to our country's progress and well-being (More realise benefits of foreign talent, but worry about cohesiveness; Sept 29).

While such workers bring their expertise and experience to their assignments here, they also have much to gain, especially in areas of knowledge and skills not known to them before.

More importantly, many of them find it easier to assimilate into the community here than when they were working in other countries.

Despite their ability to adapt to our open and congenial environment, there is no guarantee of their long-term commitment.

I know of some such workers who are permanent residents and have worked in Singapore for many years, but are reluctant to apply for Singapore citizenship for reasons best known to them.

In fact, these foreigners have the same mindset as our young Singaporeans - that is, not to give up their country's citizenship even if they obtain permanent residency here.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on October 04, 2018, with the headline 'Heartening that fewer young S'poreans will give up citizenship'. Subscribe