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HDB flats meant to be homes, not profit-making units

Even though renting out for Airbnb is very common and accepted in many countries, I urge the Government not to allow home sharing for Housing Board flats (Proposed home-sharing rules to be released for feedback by Q1; Feb 4).

HDB flats are purchased at a subsidised rate, often with grants from the Government. They are meant to provide a permanent home for families. They are not meant to be used to make profit. The Government and HDB should prohibit the use of such homes for this purpose.

In addition, the movements of tourists going in and out of the flats will create unnecessary noise and disturb the neighbours. The presence of strangers may also create discomfort and even pose a danger to families in the estate. There are also no security staff on hand to keep watch over the area.

On the other hand, private condominiums are sold at full price and without government subsidies. Hence, owners may have the prerogative to use their apartments for home sharing.

Should the neighbours complain about noise or other incidents, it will be up to the condo management or police to take action.

I hope the Government and HDB will look into this home-sharing issue very carefully before passing laws on it.

Susan Tan Lin Neo (Miss)

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