Hawkish stance on China puzzling

Professor Hugh White's stand on the roles played by the world's two big powers is clear (Confronting China: Fighting talk not enough; Oct 27).

America, to him should be the policeman of the world. And China, in his eyes, should always play a role more conducive to the interests of the US and its allies. And that means China must follow "international rules and laws and norms".

My question is: Is the US doing that? Who has been doing more to disrupt the international order over the last two years since Mr Donald Trump assumed the US presidency?

And with the various contradictory words and actions coming from Mr Trump and his team, America has lost a large measure of credibility to take on the role of the world's policeman.

What confuses me most is Professor White's stance that the Trump administration has yet to develop "any kind of coherent programme of concrete measures big enough and bold enough to counter China's growing power and influence".

What more is needed - start a cold war? Or better still, World War III?

Is it not enough that Mr Trump has started a trade war and sanctions to hamper China's progress?

Liew Yeng Chew

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