Haw Par Villa holds many lessons for youth

I read with delight that there are plans to push for Haw Par Villa to achieve national monument status ("Haw Par Villa worth preserving: Operator"; Monday).

The park is one of our national icons. There are not many places in Singapore where we can showcase Singapore's Chinese cultural heritage to the younger generation and tourists alike.

Our younger generation can learn many things, such as filial piety, from the exhibits and displays in the park. The place also teaches one to be virtuous and not to go astray by doing harmful things to others, as there could be dire consequences (as seen in the 10 Courts Of Hell exhibit).

These were what our parents reiterated to us when we visited the park with them in our younger days.

Apart from these, one can also learn more about Chinese legends and folklore, something which, sadly, our younger generation know very little about these days.

All the best to Journey, the park operator, and the Singapore Tourism Board on their efforts to bring Haw Par Villa back to its former glory.

Lee Woon Kwang (Dr)

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