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Have empathy for breastfeeding mums

I understand the strong pushback against a mother breastfeeding her child in public (Breastfeeding in public is normal, says mother who nursed her daughter without a cover on a train; ST Online, March 16).

However, I do not think it is a must for mothers to cover up, as they must be free to breastfeed whichever way is best for them and their children.

Those who feel that the mother was "attracting unnecessary attention" and who felt "uncomfortable" should re-evaluate themselves.

There is nothing sexual about breastfeeding; it is the embodiment of motherhood.

Some others say minors may be influenced, go on the Internet to research breastfeeding and get exposed to seedy materials.

In that case, parents should educate their children to understand breastfeeding in general.

We should have empathy for mothers. They have enough things to fret over, without having to worry about being judged for breastfeeding their children.

Breastfeeding openly requires a certain amount of courage. We should try and change our mindset about it. Hopefully, in the future, mothers do not have to worry about covering up and can focus more time on raising their children to become productive members of society.

Lovette To En Qi, 17,

Junior College Year 1 Student

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