Have better measures to help commuters cope during breakdowns

On my way to Boon Lay MRT station at 8am on Wednesday, I saw droves of people leaving the station - a sign that there was an issue. I was thus not surprised to hear "MRT issue, take the shuttle bus" once I was inside the station.

There were no signs or directions to the shuttle bus area. Fortunately, I knew where the shuttle bus stop is as I had recently been affected by an early closure and had to catch the shuttle. At the shuttle bus stop, I saw a long queue of people, with no end in sight.

I gave up and walked over to the bus interchange to catch a bus. The bus lines were so long that people did not know which queues were for which buses.

I managed to catch a bus after failing to get on board two others, which were full. Along the journey, I saw frustrated commuters at every bus stop who were unable to board the full bus.

I finally arrived at my office after 11/2 hours, as opposed to the usual 30 minutes.

We are waiting patiently for the train network to be fixed. But I cannot understand how, after so many breakdowns, we are still caught off guard each time.

Do we not have a government agency to coordinate the various services to reduce the impact of these disruptions? If there is such an agency, why is each disruption still so messy, with commuters left to fend for themselves?

This is not what we have come to expect of Singapore.

Ho Wai Han

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