Forum: Have air-con in subsidised wards too

A subsidised ward in Sengkang General Hospital (SKH).
A subsidised ward in Sengkang General Hospital (SKH).PHOTO: ST FILE

I agree with ST Facebook reader Wee Leng Leng that subsidised wards should be air-conditioned (Air-con for subsidised wards: Debate gets another airing, Sept 29).

Most areas in hospitals, except subsidised wards, are air-conditioned. This is to differentiate the "perks" given to different classes of wards.

The Government has been doing so much to mitigate income inequality and provide more opportunities for the disadvantaged, so I do not see why the support should not extend to hospital wards.

Some say many senior citizens do not like the cold air, but I disagree. There are people who do not prefer air-conditioning and there are those who do.

Ashlyn Chua, 14

Secondary 2 student

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