Guard against damage to country by foreign entities

We should never let foreign entities interfere directly or indirectly, financially or otherwise, in our domestic affairs because it may affect our country, society and future (Shanmugam weighs in on KL meeting; Sept 3).

Our country's domestic affairs include our political system, Government, policies and laws.

Throughout history, we have seen how foreign entities have influenced different countries and caused major damage to them.

Singapore's affairs and future are strictly for Singapore to decide and work on.

In different quarters of society and in cyberspace, there are debates about the differences between interference in domestic affairs, and foreign investments and contributions.

Obviously, we should continue to solicit and approve essential foreign direct investments to strengthen our economy.

We should invite foreign entities to help improve our assets, knowledge, skills and connections, and welcome them to share their knowledge and expertise with us.

However, they should not carry out any initiatives to influence our cultures, beliefs, values, way of life or future.

We should stand firm, be vigilant and adopt measures to prevent foreign entities from using their funds and various initiatives to mould and influence us according to their image.

Patrick Liew Siow Gian (Dr)

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