Grow your revenue, SIA, but do it fairly

I must compliment Singapore Airlines' for its excellent cabin crew and wonderful front-line staff.

Both these groups provide good service but sadly, I cannot say the same for its senior management.

I found this out from a recent experience.

I purchased an air ticket online on the SIA website and was shocked to discover that I had been charged for travel insurance - which I had not opted for - when I received confirmation of the booking by e-mail.

Upon calling SIA reservations, I was told by a friendly and very apologetic staff member that it is now company policy to "auto opt in" customers for travel insurance, and that cancellation of this was very difficult.

I was rather indignant and insisted on a cancellation of the unwanted insurance policy.

After being put on hold for some time, the staff member told me that SIA would contact the insurance company and get back to me at some stage, but with no guarantee that the policy would be cancelled.

While I understand that SIA needs to grow revenue, its senior management should work out proper ways of doing this, rather than slipping in surreptitious add-on charges such as this.

Allen Tan Han Loong

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