Ground children in the right values

Schools play a significant role in instilling values (Navigating social divide in classroom; April 27).

But the management of socio-economic disparity can be effective only if parents and the larger community are roped in as well.

Unfortunately, many in mainstream society promote flaunting material wealth.

To a degree, there is nothing wrong with it as some people see material wealth as a tangible reward for their hard work.

What is wrong is when the display of wealth becomes equated with self-worth and is used as a means to exclude and discriminate against the have-nots.

Parents have to do their part in imparting the right values to their children.

They must understand that there is considerable value in teaching their children to evaluate themselves and others on character and other attributes such as talent and intellect, for example, and not material possessions.

Children who are grounded in such values grow up to be more appreciative of what truly matters.

Marietta Koh (Mrs)

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