Great use of social media to promote green message

It is extremely heartening to see young people in Singapore spearhead the green movement, whether they be zero-waste campaigners, composting aficionados or wildlife protectors.

Something unique about these youth environmentalists is their use of technology and social media to raise awareness.

These so-called tools of narcissism have been used to do good for the environment.

For example, some zero-waste activists celebrate the efforts of others by reposting and publicly praising zero-waste actions on Instagram.

Commonly reposted images include people who go "straw-free" with their bubble tea or "carrier-free" with their drinks, or who use their own boxes to take away food.

This approach creates a positive environment, which in turn, translates into incentives for others to incorporate zero-waste habits into their lifestyles.

Websites such as have also been used, with multiple petitions by young Singaporeans trying to drive concrete change.

These petitions may not result in direct action, but they add to the young people's power to persuade, which is especially important as they try to convince large corporations to do more for the environment.

Youth environmentalists are taking control of how their planet gets treated, and are using innovative ways to get things done.

I cannot wait to see what they do next.

Ang Zyn Yee (Ms)

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