Great platform for learning science

As a science student, I sometimes find that theory lessons are unable to catch my attention.

The concepts we learn are hard to grasp, as we are unable to witness their ready application.

Hence, I applaud the move by Republic Polytechnic to hold an annual competition to encourage secondary school students to solve everyday problems with simple scientific solutions ("Students study everything - from mucus to traditional Chinese medicine for solutions"; ST Online, June 3).

The competition promotes the use of practical science and is a great way to reach out to spirited students.

Exposing students to applied sciences allows them to be more observant about the problems that could happen around them.

It provides them with a platform to explore and seek answers to questions that have arisen from real-life situations.

By planning their own experiments, students are able to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This will definitely interest students who are innovative and enjoy creative challenges.

The workshops and hands-on experiments can give students an opportunity to experience scientific research and clear up doubts about scientific work.

Besides this, students also learn the art of teamwork, as they work together on the same project.

This makes the competition an effective way for students to grow and learn.

Melber Ang Yu Xuan, 16,

Secondary 4 student


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