Grace period sufficient to meet motorists' needs

We thank Mr Felix Kim for his views on extending the 10-minute grace period for free parking in carparks (Extend grace period in carparks; Aug 31).

We appreciate Mr Kim's consideration to give deliverymen more time in carparks as they go about their work.

However, as carparks at HDB estates are provided primarily to cater to the parking needs of HDB residents, there is also a need to safeguard the interest of the residents and address their concerns over congestion or space shortage in the carparks.

The 10-minute grace period in public carparks with electronic parking systems is generally sufficient for motorists to pick up or drop off passengers, or for motorists to exit the carpark if they cannot find a parking space.

All motorists, including motorcyclists, are also charged per minute at carparks with electronic parking systems.

Motorists who exceed the grace period only need to pay for the actual duration they have parked.

This has helped to reduce the cost of parking for those who use multiple carparks in a day, such as dispatch or delivery riders.

We will continue to monitor the situation and review the grace period in carparks, keeping in mind the need to balance the interests of different stakeholders.

Marie Lim (Ms)

Ag Director (Carparks)

Housing & Development Board

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