Govt must not shy away from regulating apartment sizes

It saddens me to see some people in Hong Kong living in such poor conditions (City of shrinking homes; April 24).

This is a classic case of a rich-poor divide that tears the social fabric when it is not managed immediately.

I am afraid Singapore may be heading in that direction, as we start to see more developers shrinking apartments to sizes that are barely conducive for even small families.

There should be more stringent standards on minimum unit sizes, with minimum requirements set for each type of apartment, and even each room.

If we leave this to developers' creativity, we will find ourselves in "nano apartments" sooner than we think.

I sincerely hope our Government needs no prompting to stay away from Hong Kong's situation, in terms of managing and regulating our property market.

The property market must not be viewed only from a business perspective - a social view must also be taken.

Yong Milian (Ms)

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