Govt efforts enabled creation of a harmonious society

In his speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong reiterated the values and measures that our founding fathers laid down to promote a harmonious society (Race, multiracialism and Singapore's place in the world; Sept 30).

Having English as a common language, ethnic quotas in HDB estates and so on are the foundational grounds that should be wholeheartedly appreciated.

They enable all the communities to live and work together in peace and harmony.

In other parts of the world, instability causes drastic human suffering, in terms of castes and biases.

Hence, I truly appreciate the efforts by our Government.

Singaporeans must stand united before we differentiate ourselves by our race, religion or culture.

Every community should be role models and show themselves as being made of good and caring humans.

In doing so, Singaporeans can show the world how it is possible to live together in spite of culture, race and religious differences.

Pyrose Syed (Ms)

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