Good work in planning for Founders' Memorial

I compliment the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth for facilitating dialogues on the Founders' Memorial ("Public can give views and join forums on Founders' Memorial"; Oct 16).

I attended a session last Saturday. There were a number of interesting angles explored.

One was broadening the definition of "founders" beyond political leaders into the community and civic spheres.

Another was challenging the idea of a physical memorial and, instead, having a space to help visitors connect to the experiences of the preceding generation. Feedback from visitors could be sought in order to have an ongoing dialogue about the future of Singapore.

Also raised was the idea of being inclusive to all stories of the past, such as the experiences of the political left, which have been omitted from the officially sanctioned narrative. This would help foster reconciliation and healing.

The steering committee did very well in listening to the diversity of views and advancing the discussion.

I am hopeful that the ministry is moving in the right direction in creating a Founders' Memorial that all Singaporeans can proudly feel ownership of.

Teoh Ren Shang (Dr)

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