Good to teach non-academic skills

As times change, parents encourage their children to spend more time on their studies and less on non-examinable skills like household chores.

Many families engage maids to perform these chores. Thus, students do not see it as their responsibility to keep clean the environment they live or study in.

But with daily cleaning in school, students like me have learnt to be more aware of our surroundings and to minimise litter ("A sweeping change in school"; Jan 23).

It is heartening to see the Ministry of Education paving the way for a paradigm shift towards more non-curriculum matters.

It is an opportunity to cultivate good habits and values, such as being responsible, not just at home but in public as well.

I am pleased to read that teachers are thinking of creative ways to make cleaning fun and to reward students for jobs well done.

As we take baby steps to maintain cleanliness in school and public, we are moving closer to achieving our goals of life-long learning in non-academic areas.

Ginnie Wee Ai Lee, 13,

Secondary 2 student

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