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Good to start school later

I understand where Mr Lim Chee Khiam is coming from (Starting school late for all not necessary; July 21). But there are flaws in his argument.

It is an over-generalisation that a high proportion of Nanyang Girls' High School students are chauffeured to school.

We may be considered an "elite" school, but majority of students are from middle-income, and even low-income, families and take public transport to school.

There would not be further inconvenience to commuters, as they already expect public transport and roads to be crowded in the morning.

I agree that self-discipline is key to attentiveness in class.

However, the demanding nature of school sometimes leaves students with no choice but to sacrifice sleep.

We are occupied with co-curricular activities, enrichment programmes and after-school programmes that can last until 5pm or 6pm. On top of this, we have homework and revision. It is late by the time we complete it all.

With a later school start time, we can sleep for an additional hour or so, which greatly boosts our energy and concentration levels for the day.

Therefore, I stand by Kaitlyn Hong Hee Ying's statement (No downside to starting school late; July 19) that a later school start time is beneficial to students and there is no downside to it.

Lin Fangxing, 16,

Secondary 4 student

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