Good to reward altruistic deeds

I would like to praise our education system for producing students with excellent civic-mindedness (Six lauded for helping nine-year-old accident victim; Jan 24). It is undoubtedly the fruit of character and citizenship education that the students bravely stepped forward to rescue the boy. The two men who helped also did a great job. They deserved their prizes.

However, we must not overlook the fact that the boy should not have been hit while using the zebra crossing in the first place.

We must strengthen our education for drivers, and take a relook at road structures to ensure something like this will never happen again.

I also wish our community would pay more attention to people who have done good deeds. For example, community centres could give prizes to those who display kindness and selflessness. I am sure that acknowledgement and prizes will motivate more people to demonstrate altruistic behaviour.

Hai Ou Fan,17

Secondary 4 student

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