Good move for more pre-schools to offer Tamil, Malay

I welcome the Government's move to allow more pre-schools to offer Tamil and Malay classes (More pre-schools to offer Tamil and Malay classes; March 8).

Back in the early 70s, I took Chinese in my pre-school days. Likewise, both my two sons took Chinese as they had no choice during their pre-school years in the early 2000s.

My wife and I have a hard time communicating with our sons.

If we speak to them in Tamil, they will reply in English as they lack the confidence to speak in Tamil.

Learning their mother tongue earlier will benefit children in many ways. They will have a stronger mother tongue foundation during their early years of development.

They will also be more confident in speaking the language, and this will also help keep the family more tightly knit. Learning their mother tongue will also help shape their overall development as the language can connect them to their heritage and culture.

I am happy that our Government understands the value of mother tongue education for the young and is prepared to invest in children early.

No child should be left behind or deprived of learning their mother tongue. Kudos to our Education Ministry.

V. Balu

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on March 09, 2018, with the headline 'Good move for more pre-schools to offer Tamil, Malay'. Subscribe