Good cycling infrastructure benefits all

The idea of spending money to strengthen our cycling infrastructure is no different from the testing of other transport solutions that are necessary to keep Singapore's growing population moving.

Hence, I disagree with Mr Patrick Tan Siong Kuan that we should stop investing in cycling infrastructure just because the market players are profit-driven (Why use public funds to accommodate rental bikes?; July 6).

Improving cycling infrastructure will not only benefit cyclists, but also make the journey via different transport modes a lot more comfortable, especially during peak hours, as more people make the switch to cycling over time.

Recent breakdowns in the MRT system emphasise the need for an integrated transport policy to strengthen alternative modes of transport.

These can be vital lifelines in emergencies as well.

While it is true that more can be done to improve etiquette among some cyclists, punishing the cycling community by cutting off infrastructure funding will only cause law-abiding cyclists to be increasingly forced to break the rules or give up cycling altogether.

Good infrastructure has always increased property values over the long term.

Property owners have always enthusiastically welcomed the building of an MRT station near their homes, as it fetches them substantial profits.

This so-called profit motive has not stopped the Government from continuing to spend billions on improving public transport because it recognises the immense long-term benefits.

Lionel Loi Zhi Rui

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