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Go further in anti-littering push

I was appalled to read that 888kg of rubbish was collected in a day's clean-up (888kg of rubbish cleared during mangrove clean-up on 8th day of Chinese New Year; ST online, Feb 4).

That such a large amount of rubbish was found at a mangrove raises an important issue: that non-recreational areas are being overlooked and waste has been allowed to accumulate.

The public can be educated and made more aware of such isolated spaces in our country.

They should be more conscientious of the waste that they are producing and how it directly affects these areas.

As a green ambassador in my school, I believe it is high time that we look out for initiatives that go beyond the usual recreational areas, and extend them to non-recreational areas as well.

Valerie Teo Hui Wen, 15, Secondary 4 student

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