Give students the option to stick with current education system

I am happy that there are students who still find exams and grades important and are not afraid of competition (Grades are necessary by Yang Yizhen; Nov 5).

Recent moves by the Ministry of Education to do away with some examinations and change what is reflected in report books - that is, to no longer include the class and level rankings or aggregate scores - would be fine if Singapore does not have to compete against the outside world.

How will future Singaporeans compete when they see stress and competition as something to avoid?

We must remember that Singapore's education system has moved away from a one-size-fits-all model and has produced students ranked among the best in the world.

Singaporeans who did well in international scholastic competitions did not do so by avoiding stress, avoiding competition and not knowing where they stand against the best in their field.

Don't avoid stress. Learn to manage stress instead.

Remember Singapore has to depend on its people to compete successfully against the rest of the world.

While I understand that the Government has to respond to the demands of some parents who want to have easier lives for their children, MOE must not force a one-size-fits-all solution on students.

MOE should allow parents and students to choose whether they want the changes or stick with the current system.

Don't take away the choice from those who are able and willing to learn how to handle stress and competition.

Tan Peng Boon

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