Give seniors the chance to travel

I belong to the pioneer generation.

For many years, my wife and I joined travel activities organised by the Women's Executive Committee (WEC) in a community centre in the east.

We have made many friends our age on trips to Malaysia and tours in Singapore.

However, lately, the WEC has stopped organising such trips.

Now, whenever I drop by the community centre, I find activities like pilates, yoga, zumba, cake making, cooking classes, rock climbing and computer literacy classes.

These are not suitable for pioneers and they do not add quality and joy to our lives.

Travelling in our twilight years enables us to take in the beautiful sceneries and savour the wonderful food found in places that we could not visit when we were young, due to the need to provide for our families.

I hope community centres will revive such activities as part of the plan to help seniors have a more fulfilling life ("$3b plan to help seniors live more fulfilling lives"; last Thursday).

Soh Ah Yuen

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