Give regular updates on status of recycling efforts

Last Friday's report ("Food waste raises a stink for recycling") is indeed timely and informative.

The improper use of recycling bins should be taken seriously, as it contributes to the wastage of resources and damage of the environment.

I get annoyed when fellow HDB dwellers use the recycling bin for general trash and contaminate the recyclable material.

To counter this, I protect paper-based items by placing them in a secured plastic bag before putting them in the bin.

I also sell my old newspapers to the karung guni man, or give them to a charity or to recycling drives.

It is disappointing that bad rubbish disposal habits occur even in places such as Orchard Road and offices.

This is surely not because of a lack of awareness or insufficient bins.

The high contamination rate reduces the productivity of recycling businesses and negates the efforts of those who keenly support recycling.

Perhaps the National Environment Agency should publish weekly or monthly comparative figures on the amount of rubbish collected and recycled, as well as the usage status of the landfill on Pulau Semakau.

This will enable the public to know how their actions are helping or hindering the recycling effort, and give perspective to the matter.

This is a concern that requires constant attention and everyone's cooperation to mitigate.

Ooi Mun Kong

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