Give priority to respecting a person's will

Facebook is the vogue media for reaching the masses. Like it or not, it is used for fighting any cause, private or public (Time to reflect, and seek the common good; June 17).

The Lee family dispute is currently aired publicly and watched internationally.

The drama is intriguing only because of the characters involved - the founding father of Singapore, an incumbent Prime Minister who is his son, and some members of the present Cabinet.

Stories pertaining to wills are mostly of the same ilk - dissatisfaction over unequal distributions, disagreement on the will's execution, and suspicion about its preparation.

This ongoing feud is a disagreement over whether to demolish Mr Lee Kuan Yew's house or preserve it.

Such tussles and allegations are usually contested in court.

It is no secret that legal issues are better handled by lawyers and judges than politicians.

While the intention to preserve the house and site for heritage purposes is noble, respect for a man's will should rank above all options.

Mr Lee had stated publicly that he wanted his house demolished after his death.

If a great man has no attachment to brick and mortar, let no mortal being override his wishes.

George Kuan

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