Give pensioners an increment too

The Government has always taken good care of the lower-income groups (Fewer lower-wage civil servants as more cross $1,800 salary mark; Nov 28).

I hope it will not forget the low-income government pensioners.

Low-income civil servants have been given pay rises, but the pensioners did not receive an increase in the Singapore Allowance.

The allowance applies when a pensioner receives less than $1,230 a month. Those getting, say, $800 a month, will get the full allowance of $300. Someone receiving $1,000 will get an allowance of $230, as the pension and allowance cannot exceed $1,230 when combined.

It is hoped that the Public Service Division and Pension Branch will consider an increment in the Singapore Allowance every year at, say, $30. The sum of increment would be small but it will definitely help pensioners cope with the rising cost of living, especially those who have completely stopped working or do not have financial support from their children.

These pensioners contributed their services to the nation and government departments during their tenure.

An increment would be a token of appreciation for their hard work.

Tan Kwong Moh

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