Give no-claim discounts for health insurance

I took up the Integrated Shield Plan with NTUC Income for my family when the Government introduced MediShield Life.

In the last two years, the premium has been increasing - by 15 per cent last year, and another 5 per cent this year - despite my family having submitted no claims.

Insurance companies are now appealing to the Health Insurance Task Force to make patients pay part of their bills, even though they have paid for riders to cover the entire bill (Insurers want all patients to pay part of hospital bills; March 7).

In the light of this, I appeal to the task force to make insurance companies give policyholders no-claim discounts, like in motor insurance. It is not fair to make those who have not made any claims pay higher premiums just because some policyholders have made more claims.

Premiums should also not be increased every year, and the authorities should set a limit on how much the premiums can be increased by.

It is alarming that the premium has increased by 15 per cent in one year, and by another 5 per cent the subsequent year, given that Singapore's inflation was only 0.91 per cent last year compared with the previous year and -0.53 per cent in 2016 compared with 2015.

Neo Seok Kian (Ms)

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