Give more support to initiatives that cut food waste

I applaud the efforts by students from the local universities to spread the message of minimising food wastage and to push for more awareness of its detrimental effects (Undergrads get connected for buffet spreads; Oct 18).

Over-catering has been one of the root causes of food wastage. There is always a huge amount of food left over and thrown away after an event ends.

Besides being a waste, this also has a negative impact on the environment in the long run.

It is important to think of ways to reduce food wastage.

Perhaps food can be given to the needy, if it is still safe for consumption. Food donation drives should be considered and can be part of universities' corporate social responsibility projects.

Students can be educated on ways to handle leftovers, such as proper packaging and food handling techniques, to ensure that the food is still safe to be consumed.

Catering companies should also encourage their customers to take away food instead of throwing it away.

Catering for less than the projected amount is essential.

It is important that schools and the Government support initiatives to be more environmentally-conscious and responsible in not wasting food.

More funding should be given to these students as part of our move towards a smart city and to minimise food wastage.

Hopefully, the public can become more aware of sustainable practices in the food industry and improve their consumption habits.

Darren Chan Keng Leong

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