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Give more info to enlisting soldiers

I support Mr John Lim Le Sheng's suggestion to do more to help soldiers ("Do more to help soldiers in their mental health"; Feb 1).

It is heartening to learn that over the years, the Singapore Armed Forces has taken strict measures to help young men transform from students to custodians of the nation's defence.

However, more effort can be put in to orientate these young men and their family members.

Apart from the videos, talks and tours on the day of enlistment, and the plethora of information through the grapevine, perhaps talks could be given in schools to the students and their parents.

This could mitigate the anxiety building up to the date of enlistment for the recruits and their family members.

Guided tours around army camps could be organised during the final year of education.

With facts dispelling myths, many would march the next stride with more confidence as they brave the "frontline".

Parents embarking on this new journey with their sons would feel more assured that the psycho-emotional aspect is also catered to, and allow them to provide the required support and encouragement to their sons.

Ginnie Wee Ai Lee,13,
Secondary 2 student

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