Give customers what they want and cut food waste

There are more benefits to customers being allowed to indicate the amount of rice they want at hawker centres than just combating diabetes and saving costs (Let customers decide how much rice they want; Jan 16).

It will also allow them to reduce food wastage, which accounts for about 10 per cent of the total waste generated in Singapore.

It is common to see plates with leftover food, especially rice, at hawker centres and foodcourts. This is due to customers ordering or getting more food than they can consume.

Therefore, stall operators would do well to ask and allow customers to order just the amount of food needed.

It is good that most, if not all, drink vendors accede to customers' request for less sugar.

It would be better if customers are given the option of ordering a smaller cup, too, to avoid having unfinished drinks.

I commend the National Environment Agency for its good work in initiating its food waste management strategies targeting food-manufacturing establishments, food retail stores and supermarkets.

To reach out to more people about the importance of reducing food waste, more publicity is necessary in the form of posters displayed at eating outlets.

It would greatly help if the "Love Your Food. Waste Less, Save More" message is put across more often.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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