Get tough on passengers who block bus exits

It is not uncommon to encounter passengers who stand at the bus exit without alighting, thus obstructing others from getting off.

Even though there are seats and space in the rear of the bus, these passengers just refuse to move in.

I have encountered such passengers who sometimes stand there talking on the phone or with their ear phones plugged in, oblivious to the other passengers.

Bus drivers have many responsibilities, and persuading these passengers to move in should not be one of them.

On the train, some able-bodied passengers are still not giving up the reserved seats to those who need them.

When asked politely to do so, some of these passengers even turn aggressive.

I hope the bus and train companies will display signs that passengers who stand at the bus exit if they are not alighting, and who do not give up the reserved seat, will be fined, say, $500.

It is sad to go down this route, but it appears education does not work, as these passengers knowingly behave in such an inconsiderate way.

Lawrence Chu Tuck Fai

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