Get to the bottom of the matter

We have spent much time and money building a world-class MRT system.

The misconduct and negligence of some staff have hurt the reputation and integrity of SMRT (Maintenance team signed off on work not done: SMRT; Nov 1).

We should not condone such acts of dishonesty and dereliction of duty. The staff responsible - from the lowest to the highest level - should be brought to task.

I am surprised that such practices went on for three quarters.

How did they go unnoticed?

Isn't there an audit team that conducts a second check? Were there periodic meetings held? What were the higher-ranking officers doing?

SMRT needs to review the entire process again and find ways to improve.

A disciplinary committee should be assigned immediately to ascertain the degree of damage done, and the members of this team should be from an external source.

The MRT is a cornerstone of our travel system.

This incident is an embarrassment, and we cannot take it lightly.

V. Balu

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