Gearing up for war on diabetes

The astronomical increase in the incidence of obesity and diabetes definitely needs attention.

I commend Health Minister Gan Kim Yong for declaring war on diabetes ("MOH to wage war on diabetes"; yesterday).

There are two lines of attack: one on better management of Type II diabetes to reduce complications of the disease, and another to prevent the disease with efforts to reduce obesity and other conditions that may lead to the onset of the disease.

There is definite medical evidence that obesity and excessive intake of sugar lead to the onset of Type II diabetes.

There is also scientific correlation between consuming sugary drinks and obesity in children and adults.

The evidence is so clear that in Britain, the government will be adding a tax to sugary drinks to discourage children from being addicted to soft drinks, and to put a stop to this unhealthy lifestyle ("Britain to impose sugar levy on soft drinks"; March 18).

As an effective preventive measure, this is a good move.

This tax is expected to generate millions of dollars in revenue to subsidise the health budget.

Our Government should seriously consider this as part of the war on diabetes.

Prevention is better than cure, especially when we start at a young age.

George Wong Seow Choon (Dr)

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