Gaining experience matters more than retraining

We are still second-guessing how the new economic landscape will unfold, amid so many structural upheavals.

I applaud our leaders for taking proactive action, despite the confusion.

We are basically clinging to reeds as the water roars by.

The subject of retraining and a new restructured economy has been bandied about frequently in recent times.

However, a trained person is not just someone with a certain qualification.

A lot of it has to do with experience, which takes a long time to acquire.

But, the reality is, most of us cannot afford the time to gain experience, as we have families to feed in the most expensive city in the world.

The follow-up after training is the hardest part.

Another challenging issue we face is that of retirement.

Retirement is fast becoming not an option.

Our Central Provident Fund accounts must be kept fed or they will become lean.

It seems that the new normal is to work till you drop.

Lawrence Lee Chang Nyen

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