Funding cuts for FAS poorly timed

Sport Singapore's (SportSG's) sudden decision to halve the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) funds for the S-League is badly timed (Funding blow for S-League; Sept 9).

This is a body blow to a newly elected FAS that is trying to resuscitate Singapore football.

Football as a sport has the power to rally a country's citizens together. We have seen this happen even in Singapore at international games.

So every bit of encouragement and support should be given by SportSG to help the FAS.

The development of football should be made a national objective.

Halving the funding at this stage on the basis of the inadequacies of the past performance of the FAS administration is not a prudent move.

The S-League should be allowed to continue for at least a year under the current funding scheme to give the FAS ample time to fine-tune its plans.

George Pasqual

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