Friendly face to ordinary folk

Anyone who has played a significant role in building up Singapore during the tumultuous past deserves praise and recognition from its citizens.

It is on this note that I pen my praise and appreciation for Mr S R Nathan ("State funeral for S R Nathan on Friday"; yesterday).

He rose from humble beginnings to the highest office of the land - what a feat for any human being.

I finished reading his book An Unexpected Journey: Path To The Presidency within a week.

I was impressed by his hard work and his ability to steer through life, arduous and risky as it was at times.

When he became president, he did us proud, carrying out his duties with aplomb, thus enhancing the image of Singapore in the eyes of the world.

I previously wrote a letter to the Forum page to express my admiration for Mr Nathan's friendly manner towards passers-by, including me, at East Coast Park ("Best wishes for Nathan"; Forum Online, May 6 2015).

Singapore is a lesser place without him.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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