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Frank, open family talks important when seniors remarry

Given our ageing population and longer life expectancy, there will be an increase in the number of remarriages among people who are widowed or divorced (More finding love and marriage in golden years; Aug 14).

Nobody can predict if such marriages will be blissfully happy or turn awry, but it pays to view the issue in perspective.

Planning in advance is important, as an ill-prepared and poorly thought-out decision for marriage is likely to result in failure.

While some may find it difficult to talk of remarriage in their golden years, it can only be a good thing when family members are able to discuss the future in relation to these contingencies.

Parents should be able to let their children or grandchildren know the rationale behind their desire to remarry and, most importantly, how they and their new spouses would spend their remaining years together.

Matters of inheritance and kinship support should also be part of the heart-to-heart talk among family members.

Whether family relationships will be affected by the marriage is hard to predict, but an open and frank discussion with loved ones on this issue is the right move towards gaining acceptance as well as blessings from family members.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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