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Four years on, a Govt transformed

As a born and bred Singaporean, I have seen the good that the People's Action Party (PAP), especially under the leadership of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, has done for our country ("PAP v WP: What these four years have shown"; Aug 9).

Unfortunately, in the years before 2011, in an attempt to solve the many challenges facing the country, one of which was a low birth rate, the PAP resorted to an instant solution - opening the floodgates to foreigners, without shoring up infrastructure first.

What happened then was akin to trying to pour 10 litres of water into a 5-litre jug. There was overcrowding on the public transport system and high demand for HDB flats sent prices skyrocketing; a lot of unhappiness was generated.

In 2011, the PAP lost a group representation constituency for the first time, and more opposition members entered Parliament. What followed was a transformed Government which heard the cries of its citizens and saw their needs.

Yes, the Workers' Party has had its share of challenges in running its town council, but I do not expect the party, which has just four years of experience, to be able to run it perfectly.

Looking at a broader perspective, the WP has done us a great favour in ensuring the PAP does not rest on its laurels. Since 2011, we have seen improvements, though more still needs to be done.

So, as we cast our votes in the coming election, the question we must consider is: Would we have seen a transformation in the Government if the events of 2011 had not taken place?

Shirley Woon (Ms)

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