Founders' Memorial should be a tribute and celebration

I am delighted that Singapore is going to have a Founders' Memorial to preserve the memory and contributions of the country's founding leaders ("Founders' Memorial: Most favour Bay East Garden"; Feb 14).

A memorial can come in many physical forms, such as buildings, landmarks, statues or even entire parks.

There are many significant and stunning memorials all over the world that make one pause and reflect upon the reason for their establishment.

Singapore's Founders' Memorial need not be fanciful or have outlandish architecture.

It should serve as documentation of the courage and determination that the country's past leaders displayed during the foundation years of nation building.

It should be a fascinating testimony to their successes and victories, and also evoke gratitude, as one calls to mind their tireless dedication towards the country's growth and progress.

At the same time, the memorial should also be a celebration of the fruits of the founding leaders' labour - a beautiful garden city, efficient transport system, clean potable water from the tap, top-quality healthcare and education, vibrant economy, and peace and security, among many other things.

Ultimately, Singaporeans who visit the memorial should be inspired to follow in the footsteps of the founders in always giving their all to the country.

Lim Peng Peng (Ms)

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on February 22, 2017, with the headline 'Founders' Memorial should be a tribute and celebration'. Subscribe