Forum: Foreign workers often behave better than some Singaporeans

An elderly woman with her helper along Bedok North Road.
An elderly woman with her helper along Bedok North Road.PHOTO: ST FILE

I have often observed foreign workers and maids in Singapore behaving graciously. They often give way to others at shopping malls, doorways, escalators and when entering and exiting lifts. They, more than others, give to the buskers and tissue sellers on the street. If someone is trapped and needs help, they are often among the first to assist.

They may not earn large salaries, but they have bigger hearts.

Many Singaporeans have undoubtedly experienced keeping the lift door open for some young parents with oversized baby strollers, just to have them charge into the lift still chatting or with their eyes on their mobile phones, running over others' feet in the process.

In public carparks, many drivers happily drive into the vacant space you were waiting to enter before you can back into it carefully.

What good examples have Singaporeans shown the migrant workers? It is not uncommon to see children scolding and calling their helpers stupid.

It is time Singaporeans put away their ignorance, start having some respect for these foreign workers and learn something good from them.

It would help the next generation to have the right attitude to face this complex world.

Lee Ying

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on January 06, 2020, with the headline 'Foreign workers often behave better than some Singaporeans'. Subscribe