Food left in the sun a danger to workers' health

I walk past a construction site along Faber Walk several times a week, and I have seen packets of food placed in a crudely hammered-together cupboard outside.

The food in foam boxes and plastic bags is delivered at around 10am and 2pm, and placed in the open cupboard. It is then left under the hot sun for hours until the workers have their lunch and dinner.

Surely the food would not be safe to eat by the time it is consumed.

The authorities may want to look into this, for the sake of the workers' health.

More stringent checks on hygiene in the surrounding area should also be done, as I have also noticed that workers throw drink cans and cartons into the nearby bushes.

The rubbish was cleared recently because of Zika fears, but is starting to pile up again.

Tan Kim Lan (Ms)

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