Focus on younger players but reconsider age quota

While it is commendable that the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) wants to focus on the young, restricting each team to only four players above the age of 30 may hurt the players, the club and even the national side (Age quota for S-League is 'ridiculous', lament veteran players; ST Online, Dec 13).

Not only will the livelihood of senior players be hurt, but possibly also the development of younger players.

Veteran players are valuable, as they can provide leadership and experience to the team, which may mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The loss of veteran players may also affect the morale of the squad. Players in their late 20s may decide to call it a day sooner than expected, further weakening the teams. This also means that the national side will have fewer names to call upon.

I sincerely hope that the FAS will reconsider the age quota and explore other ways to focus on younger players.

Darryl Wang Weicong

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