Focus on the poor that AIIB can help

I am quite sure China has no intention of having a bigger say in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank ("Caution needed in approaching AIIB" by Mr Matthew Ong Koon Lock; July 21).

This is because if it wanted to, it would have contributed, say, US$55 billion (S$76 billion) out of the US$100 billion of AIIB's capital stake, instead of US$30 billion.

By putting in just 30 per cent, it allows other countries to contribute more, up to 70 per cent of the stake, and have a bigger say.

Millions of Asians are living in slums, and surviving on around US$1 a day. They are without toilets, clean drinking water, electricity or other basic utilities.

The AIIB is meant to help in the development of the infrastructure of Asian countries.

We should set aside politics and paranoia for the sake of the millions of impoverished people who do not have the luxury of our modern living.

Sng Ah Beng

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