Focus on family ties

Even though the Mandatory Parenting Programme began only in 2016, about 2,500 people have already attended it (Programme for divorcing parents helps put children first; Jan 16).

This figure is shocking. Is divorce the new normal in our society?

More programmes should be initiated to prevent marital splits and to educate adults about marriage being a lifelong commitment. Prioritising their children's interest means providing them with a complete family.

Children do not get a say in marital splits and they are innocent victims who are often left wounded psychologically and emotionally because of the adults' decisions. Mental well-being is as important as practical needs.

In view of the high divorce rate, companies should make it mandatory for all employees to participate in the "Eat With Your Family Day" campaign.

Some countries like Australia and Canada also set aside "Family Day" as a public holiday. Singapore should do this too.

My vision for Singapore is not just that of economic prosperity but also family cohesion, as strong family bonds are the bedrock of the country's success.

Crystal Hwang Zi Qin, 11

Primary 6 pupil

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