Flat fare option available for ComfortDelGro taxis

ComfortDelGro has, since April 10, been offering passengers the choice of paying a flat fare or the traditional metered fare, for taxi bookings made through the ComfortDelGro app (Change the way taxi fares are charged; by Mr Donny Ho Boon Tiong; Aug 8).

Once a flat fare is chosen, there will be no additional surcharges levied - unless the passenger changes the destination point or makes unplanned stops along the way. Travel delays owing to traffic jams will also not result in a higher fare - unlike the metered fare option.

The flat fare option provides passengers with certainty at the point of booking, thus making it less confusing for both passengers and cabbies.

To date, we have clocked about 2.5 million flat-fare jobs since its inception in April.

More recently, we have also wrapped 930 of ComfortDelGro blue and yellow taxis with the tagline "Flat Fare, No Surge Pricing" to inform passengers that we do not practise surge pricing, even during peak hours, to give passengers peace of mind.

ComfortDelGro takes a serious view of non-payment cases encountered by our cabbies and plays an active role in helping them to recover fares.

If non-paying passengers refuse to comply, we will refer the case to the authorities for action.

As a gesture of goodwill, the company tries to reimburse cabbies for their loss of fares on a case-by-case basis.

A decal is also displayed on our taxis to warn passengers against fare evasion.

We also offer various cashless payment options to provide convenience to our passengers and minimise fare evasion.

We will continue to assist our cabbies the best we can in ensuring that passengers pay for the trips taken.

Tammy Tan (Ms)

Group Corporate Communications Officer

ComfortDelGro Corporation

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