Fitting salute to Singaporean with a golden heart

I congratulate Madam Noriza A. Mansor for being chosen as the inaugural Straits Times Singaporean of the Year Award winner ("Good Samaritan is first Straits Times S'porean of the Year"; yesterday).

Madam Noriza's values and public spiritedness to render help to others in need, irrespective of race, religion and class, speak volumes about her humanity.

She spontaneously came to the aid of a person in dire need of assistance, kneeling down to wipe the mess off the legs of an elderly man who had soiled himself, and buying him new shorts.

Madam Noriza's kind and gracious act was nothing short of extraordinary.

She did not stop there, but later made regular visits to his home to mop his flat and bring him food.

The 15-member judging panel and the public who voted her for this award deserve kudos for recognising a truly angelic act from a simple, ordinary woman with an extraordinary heart of gold.

Imagine what Singapore can become if we encounter more stories such as this and do our part in fostering a more gracious society.

Hussin Mutalib (Associate Professor)

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