Fine motorists who don't give way to emergency vehicles

Educating motorists in Singapore on the need to give way to emergency vehicles as suggested by Mr Ong Keow Meng (Teach motorists what to do when they see an emergency vehicle; July 19) is a good suggestion but surely we have gone past that stage.

I have known about the need to give way to these vehicles from the time I was in school. So the problem cannot be one of ignorance.

These motorists are a group of recalcitrants who just refuse to give way.

Another group of motorists who are a nuisance in such situations are those who trail immediately behind the emergency vehicle to have a clear ride.

The authorities should make such driving practices a serious traffic offence and fine those who do it.

Other bad road driving habits have been effectively kept in check with the use of fines. Let's do it for this one as well and in the process, save more lives.

Adrian Ho

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