Finding goodness in people in the midst of global gloom

Last Sunday, I drove off without remembering that I had left my wallet on the roof of my car.

Halfway through my journey, I suddenly remembered but it was too late. The wallet had fallen off while I was driving. Naturally, I was upset. I told my two young boys that the only hope I had was that some good Samaritan would find my wallet and return it to me.

On that same night, a couple came by my place to return the wallet to me. Everything was in place - money, credit cards and even receipts.

The couple explained that while driving, they saw something flying off the roof of a car. They noticed it was a wallet.

Money and credit cards were strewn all over a busy road, which led to expressways. They had to hold up traffic. I suspect also that they had to risk their lives, just to pick up every one of the items.

In recent weeks and months, my boys have been hearing and reading sad and tragic stories from all over the world, such as the shocking numerous terrorist attacks in Europe resulting in huge loss of lives; the faltering world economy causing uncertainties and fears about the future; and the South China Sea dispute threatening peace and stability in the region. The list goes on.

In the midst of all these, I know that my boys have at least seen goodness in people with their very own eyes.

I want to thank Mr and Mrs Lim from Pasir Ris for their generous spirit and kindness.

Poh Leong Joo

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